Modern Furniture in Saudi Arabia

The furniture industry has evolved a lot in the past centuries. The technological breakthroughs have enabled us to use different materials with unbelievable properties, in order to construct the furniture pieces we have only dreamt of creating. The modern furniture industry has taken all the best segments from the classical styles, and incorporated them with the technical solutions of the modern times. Not only did the materials have gotten better, they allowed the prices of stylish furniture to become more affordable to the average person. Of course, there are pieces of furniture which are extremely expensive, but nowadays everybody can afford to make their house look amazing.

The modern furniture design is often minimalistic, with the idea that less is sometimes more. The color variation are amazing, and there seems to be a consensus in the furniture designer’s community that color mixing is no longer an issue. The idea of getting rid of all the unnecessary ornaments and other insignificant stuff in the furniture market was born after WWII, when the entire industry shifted to a more sensible approach. The main focus of today’s furniture industry is on functionality and practicality, but the modern furniture hasn’t lost anything of the beauty a piece of furniture must always possess.

Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the Middle East, and the entire world for that matter, and all the modern innovations in design, of any industry, are more than welcome in Saudi Arabia. The furniture industry is no exception, with numerous world famous furniture store franchises offering modern furniture solutions to the demanding furniture market in Saudi Arabia. And the competition is becoming harsher by the minute.

IKEA is the leading brand in the entire furniture industry, made famous precisely by the innovative modern furniture design. IKEA is present in Saudi Arabia, with stores in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dhahran. The modern design is available in all the sections of IKEA furniture, in the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the dining room, and even the outdoor furniture section. Off course, the office furniture in IKEA was the first section to be “modernized”.

One of the furniture companies offering the trendiest and most provocative furniture design, is the Gautier group. This revolutionary company is responsible for some of the most astonishing designer solution in modern furniture, and their showroom in Saudi Arabia is keeping track with the company’s idea. The Gautier store is located in Jeddah.

Midas furniture is the most famous modern furniture company in the Middle East, possibly even Asia. This company operates in almost all the countries in the region, and the network of retailers is naturally expended to Saudi Arabia. The Midas Furniture showrooms are situated in Al Khobar, Jeddah and Riyadh. The capital of Saudi Arabia has two separate Midas furniture stores, one offering modern furniture for the home, while the other specializes in modern office furniture.

The modern furniture market in Saudi Arabia will give you all the modern furniture design solution available on the global market, and your home or office in Saudi Arabia will be equipped in the latest fashion.