Where To Buy Italian Furniture in Qatar

Many countries in the world have something specific, that they are known for. One can argue that a prejudice towards any culture or civilization is a priory bad, but let us not consider this views as prejudice, but as archetypes, so crucial for the human nature. Sure, it is not plausible to assume that every single Englishman is a gentleman, or that every single man in Germany is a perfectionist, but the cultural identity of the nations is built on certain mutual characteristics.

Obviously, the entire culture is a representation of the national spirit, and although not all Germans are perfectionist, you can rely on a German automobile to be extremely reliable and a work of a perfectionist culture. Likewise, a piece of French designer clothes may not be practical and convenient for every occasion, like the American designer’s clothes, but it will be so chick and decadent. This archetype expands throughout the entire culture, leaving no sector of the industry behind. But one culture comes in mind instantly when you think of design, in any possible branch of manufacturing. The Italian style of design represented in every product coming from this beautiful country, is a piece of art for itself.

The furniture industry is no different, as the Italian furniture holds a special place in the furniture manufacturing and design. The price of Italian furniture can speak volumes about the quality and the beauty of the products, as it is always higher than the price of German or American furniture. Pieces of Italian furniture are often times considered an aesthetic wonder, which turn every room they are in into an art show. The Qatar furniture market is fortunate enough to have multiple specialized Italian furniture stores, offering a breath of fresh air in the rising furniture market of this amazing country.

Italian furniture Qatar by Bella CasaBella Casa furniture is a typical representative of the Italian furniture design style. Nothing comes before beauty and originality, and the furniture in your home, office or garden has to be as beautiful as possible. The Showroom Bella Casa in Doha, Qatar is said to be a 100% Italian answer to the needs of the local market, as stated on the website. There isn’t a person in Qatar that can enter the Bella Casa store and not be dazzled by the design and sheer beauty of the Italian furniture sold here.

Rafco, a company with a tradition longer than 40 years, is present in Qatar as well, with their furniture division presenting the buyer in Qatar with an unbelievably designed Italian furniture. Not only that, but their team of designer can help you plan and equip your entire home, using the knowledge and ideas of experienced professional designers.

The Italian furniture, along with the Spanish furniture, is also available in Schemes store, offering pieces by Angello Cappelini, Armando Rho, etc. The Doha based showroom will take you on a journey on which you will get to know all the little secrets of the Italian furniture industry, which will make you admire the products even more.