The Famous Arabic Carpets

In the epic collection of West and South Asian stories and Arabic folk tales, called One thousand and one night, one of the most iconic thins is the magic carpet. The magic carpet, which can fly and transport people all over the world is now a part of global popular culture, with mention of the magic flying carpet in many modern age movies, TV shows, bedtime stories, etc. But the magic of the carpet, especially the ones from Asia, doesn’t stop at fairy tales. A carpet can be the most expensive piece of furniture in a household, with prices of 4.5 million US dollars sounding completely ridiculous. But the craftsmanship and the dedication required to make a carpet is definitely astonishing. With not a lot of people having millions of dollars to spend on carpets, the furniture industry has managed to find a way to offer the market amazing quality carpets, which are available at more down to Earth prices.

With carpets covering more than 50% of floors in the modern world, this piece of fabric even has its own institute, which researches the quality, manufacturing and the sales of carpets. Qatar is even the home of an all carpet exhibition called QCarpet, taking place in Doha. This event attracts the largest manufacturers and distributors of carpets in the Middle East, who display their carpets in a 5.000 square feet exhibition space. Qatar is also a home of a well-developed carpet manufacturing industry, with companies like Gulf Carpet Factory, Oriental Carpet Company representing just the small piece of the entire industry. With numerous different types of carpets, like the woven, knotted, and tufted and many more, the offer is excellent, even for the pickiest buyer.

Doha City Center is proud to share their passion of delivering only the finest quality carpets to the Qatar furniture and interior design market. The carpets sold at Doha City Center are imported from Iran, China, Turkey, and many other places. Off course, the Qatar made carpets are also available.

You can search for the perfect carpet at the Qatar Collections, where you can find carpets form various domestic and foreign companies at competitive prices.

The Time Out Doha carpet store is considered to be the premiere retailer of finest Arabian rugs. This family owned business takes pride in the long and successful rug weaving tradition, and looks to share the beautiful carpets to the customers in Qatar.

Of course, carpets of all imaginable shapes, sizes and forms are available in the numerous stores that sell furniture. The renowned companies like Rafco and IKEA offer a wide selection of modern carpets, for the customers looking for something trendier and not just the typical Persian or Arabic carpets. All other forms of flooring are also available at these stores in Qatar.

Numerous hotels, resorts and restaurant recently built, or still being built in Qatar are equipped with different kinds of carpets, some opting for a modern approach, while others sticking to the traditional carpets. The look of your entire home can be changed just by changing the carpet, and you don’t even have to spend 4.5 million US dollars on it.