Outdoor Furniture Qatar

The globalization process and the technological revolution have placed the modern man in a machine governed world, where often people are supposed to act like machines themselves. Humans no longer have to hunt, gather food, plant seeds in the ground, skin the animals and make clothes, or keep cattle and exploit the farm animals. Instead, everything is served to them on a platter, while they earn money doing artificial job, such as programming or finances, which have nothing to do with the natural state of man. This alienation of the modern man from nature is being compensated more and more lately, by the man’s urge to keep a part of nature in his home, with gardening, raising flowers, etc.

The focus of design shifted from inside of the house, to the outside. The garden has become a modern man’s sanctuary, and numerous exterior designers are offering incredible solutions for the open spaces. One of the crucial elements of exterior design is the outdoor furniture, which has to be compatible with the natural ambience, and still provide the comfort that people are used to. The furniture industry recognized the development of outdoor furniture design, and the increasing demand in the field, and has provided the market with some outstanding outdoor furniture ideas and concepts.

Outdoor furniture is even more essential for the furniture industry in countries with hot climates, like Qatar, where there are year round conditions for outdoor enjoyment. Private gardens and public open spaces are available 365 days a year in Qatar, and outdoor furniture in this country is much more used and sought after then in European countries or United States of America.

Fantastic outdoor furniture solutions can be found in the IKEA store in Doha. The most famous furniture company in the world has a lot to offer in Qatar, taking advantage of the climate and the upward trend of outdoor spaces design. Outdoor dining is very popular in restaurants and hotels in Qatar, and in many places you can notice the outdoor furniture bought in IKEA. The around the pool outdoor furniture solutions are also very popular and highly rated in the IKEA store in Qatar.

Apollo furniture store in Doha provides the Qatar outdoor furniture market with the finest selection of large umbrellas, folding armchairs, deck table sets, barbeques and much more. One of the highlights and perhaps the most popular product in Apollo outdoor furniture store is the “day bed” which represents an ingenious solution to the sleeping in the garden fans.
Fiore Rosso is perhaps the Qatar market leader, when it comes to creative garden designs, as the company focuses solely on the exterior design ideas, offering luxurious outdoor furniture in Qatar. Fiore Rosso, or the red flower, has retail stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, covering the entire UAE market.

As the elite hotels and restaurants in Qatar are looking to exploit the ideal weather conditions for outdoor hospitality industry, the outdoor furniture is an integral part of their designers’ plans. The market in Qatar is well equipped with great exterior space concepts.