Modern Furniture Qatar

The oil reserves in Qatar enabled the country to prosper at an incredible rate. The furniture industry has followed the overall industry expansion, providing the growing market with quality furniture, incredible design, and a unique approach to the concept of indoor and outdoor furniture. The style of the Arabic designers and the entire civilization heritage is connected and interlaced with the modern trends in furniture design industry. The result is a line of furniture that takes the best of both worlds, so the home owners and the millions of tourist staying in Qatar hotels every year can enjoy a unique furniture design and overall interior and exterior design ideas.

Modern furniture in Qatar is dazzling and practical at the same time, keeping the traditional design nuances and adding the trendy styles in an unrepeatable mixture. From the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen furniture to the outdoor furniture solutions, furniture stores in Qatar, mostly based in Doha are fully capable of meeting the needs and requests of even the most demanding clients.

Habitat Furniture company, with more than 50 years of experience in the field, has a store in Doha, supplying the market with a wide pallet of products. In the living room sector, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, cabinets, carpets and many other pieces of furniture can turn your home into a modern living space, providing luxury and traditional design at the same time. Office furniture is included in their portfolio too, with office desks, lamps, storage unites, etc. The garden section, displaying outdoor furniture will be a like a candy store, if you are in the process of arranging your hotel or restaurant outdoor areas.

The modern and trendy furniture solutions can be found in the Origins store in Doha, near the Qatar University. This is a great place to come and buy all kinds of furniture if you are looking for hip design and high quality. As the production can be done by order, there are so many fabric textures and colors to choose from, so you can find a perfect fit for your home’s ambience.

Midas Furniture store is advertised as the best furniture store ever. With showrooms in all major cities on the Arabian Peninsula, Midas furniture may well be on the spot with their slogan. Qatar is also a home to one of the Midas showrooms, situated in the Ain Khalid Area, displaying home and office furniture, and offering the services of their projects division. This division can help you with the entire process of planning, designing and building the perfect interior space you have always dreamt of.

Let us not forget about global companies like IKEA or Home Center, which have furniture stores in Qatar too. So if you prefer the recognizable design of the Swedish powerhouse, IKEA, you know where to find it in Qatar.

With a wide variety of modern furniture stores in Qatar, your house, garden of office space can now be equipped with the trendiest furniture, which perfectly fit in the traditional Arabic ambience in Qatar.