Kitchen Design Qatar

Kitchen is the pride of every household, as it is a place where one of the most important tasks of any family is being performed. The preparation and storage of food is one of the essential purposes of having a home, as food and sleep are necessary for life itself. If you are a good cook, than the kitchen becomes much more than that, a place where you enjoy yourself, where “the magic happens”. The appliances and the furniture in the kitchen have to be practical, but modern interiors design has made a kitchen a thing of beauty too. The aesthetic element of the kitchen furniture is as important as the practicality and comfort.

The furniture industry today offers a huge choice in materials, colors, texture of the kitchen elements. Your kitchen cabinets can be made out of wood, plastic, Plexiglas, glass and many more materials. The color and shape combination of kitchen cabinets is endless, with designers creating solutions that could fit in any possible ambience setup. The furniture market is full of ingenious and practical kitchen designs, ranging from the minimalistic solutions with hidden storage place that preserve space, to luxurious full wood kitchen cabinets, that can fit a buck of utensils, dishes, etc.

The furniture market in Qatar offers the market a wide selection of furniture styles, different materials, price ranges, etc. The kitchen furniture sector is fallowing the trend, awing the visitors of many showrooms and furniture stores in Qatar. The furniture industry in this country is mostly based in Doha, the capital of this Arabic country.

Rafco brings the finest kitchen cabinets in the Qatar furniture market, presenting the potential buyers with the best possible Italian kitchen cabinets solutions. Two of the most respected and loved Italian kitchen cabinet designers, Snaidero and Medline are now available in Qatar, thanks to the Rafco Kitchen and Wardrobe division in Doha.

The local Qatar Company, called 4K Qatar can completely equip your kitchen, with total kitchen and modular furniture solutions. The kitchen cabinets are carefully designed to fit the taste of the Qatar’s culture and aesthetic inclinations. The company uses solid surfaces for their kitchen cabinets, made out of Duratop and Corian.

Off course, the world’s leading furniture company, the Swedish IKEA is also present on the Qatar furniture market, and among the huge selection on furniture, kitchen cabinets can also be found. You can even complement your IKEA kitchen solution with brand name IKEA pots, pans, food containers, jars, wine racks, etc. to get the full IKEA design experience in the kitchen. The company has expanded its offer so much, that you can now buy IKEA knives, chopping boards, baking molds, ovenware, oven gloves and numerous other little things in Qatar.

Kitchen cabinets can also be found in one of the more than 100 second hand furniture stores in Doha. Perhaps you will be able to find a perfect piece of kitchen furniture, at a knock off price in a used furniture store. So if you are in search of a kitchen cabinet in Qatar, you are bound to find something that fits perfectly in your plans.