Interior Design Qatar

The Oxford dictionary defines interior design as “The art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.” The focal point should be the word ATR, as designer truly are modern artist. The master pieces of interior design are available for our viewing pleasure on numerous internet websites, providing astonishing pictures of almost surreal spaces, which look like they are a page right out of a fairy tale, or a science fiction novel. Off course, it is a privilege and a pleasure to be able to enjoy in the painting of Vincent Van Gogh, or Rembrandt, but imagine how it must of feel to live in a piece of art, as inspiring as the paintings of the two great painters. By creating an ambience in which people are dazzled by the aesthetics and the functionality of a room, an interior designer is showcasing his inner inspiration and ides, making the entire room a master piece.

Al the way up to the late 19th century, the whole designing of the room appearance was not a work description. It was presumed that the house owner will decide what piece of furniture to put with what, what color will the walls be, etc. The furniture companies saw their opportunity in the development of the upper class in the post industrial revolution countries, and started offering a full style of furnishing, not only the pieces of furniture by themselves. In the begging of the last century, interior design flourished as a role of intendant creative designers. The whole process of the evolution of interior design is now reached its climax, with individual designer studios, or specialized interior design companies offer their services to the customers. An interior designer is a respected artist, whose job is to make people’s home their sanctuaries.

The infrastructure boom in Qatar opened up vast opportunities to the numerous interior designers, offering their services to elite hotels, restaurants and home owners. Interior designers in Qatar enjoy a reputation of the creators of a unique Qatar style of interior design, implementing amazing ideas, and using high quality furniture and materials.
KPS is an international company present in Qatar, which specializes in interior design. The company’s designers are available for consultations and ideas sharing, which could led to them making you a perfect home.

Unique Interiors is a Doha based company, operating since 2010. This company is responsible for some of the most ingenious and astonishing interior design solutions that can be seen in Qatar.

The international BBR Design Company is also present on the Qatar market, offering experienced interior designers and recognizable quality. This company operates in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and off course, Qatar.
The significance of the interior designers in Qatar can be seen in many courses in the Qatar University, providing education in the field of interior design. Domestic interior designers in Qatar will be the optimal choice for every one looking for a designer that will incorporate the rich cultural heritage of Qatar in his modern design.