Furniture Stores Qatar

As all oil rich countries on the Arabian peninsula, Qatar has undergone a complete overhaul, and is now one of the most developed and wealthy countries in Asia. The complete industry has expanded, as new commercial centers, airports, highways and other infrastructure projects have been built. Perhaps the crown of the whole economic and civilization boom in Qatar, is the hosting of the FIFA World Cup in football, in 2022. With the rise of the entire building and civilization standard in Qatar, local stores are seeing significant increase in their profits, as more and more people arrive to live, work and spend in this beautiful country.

As more and more buildings and commercial objects have rose in the Qatar cities, predominantly Doha, the entire exterior and interior design industry has flourished. Plumbers, builders, painters, creative interior designer and other similar professionals are a sought after asset in Qatar, as the new residential buildings, hotels, malls and restaurant need to be taken care of. The furniture stores are reporting record sales, with numerous new home owners buying the stylish furniture and equipping their homes.

Some furniture stores in Qatar sold of the entire production as big hotel chains bought all the furniture, in order to have a uniform hotel design. The clubs, restaurant, shopping malls and numerous newly built stores are also in need of quality furniture, and Qatar furniture stores must meet the growing demand. All this extra business is just added onto the existing and lively market of furniture in Qatar, as old home owners often change the style of their homes. As the oil powered economy grows, so do the wallets and the bank accounts, and the people in Qatar can afford to change their home design more frequently than before. One of the biggest international furniture stores, if not the biggest, IKEA is present in Qatar, offering the recognizable design and quality, with a hint of the Arab culture.

The competition is harsh, as other furniture stores in Qatar grow every day, improving their quality, design and marketing. Gulf Projects and Services Company is one of the new companies on the Qatar market, offering six different furniture stores, each specialized in a specific part of home. Bombay, Zone, Kare, Nanan, Busnelli and Kase are the names of the furniture stores in Qatar that work under the GPS company umbrella. Other mentionable furniture stores are BoConcept, Home Center, Midas Furniture, etc. Most of the operations are located in Doha, the capital and the business center of Qatar.

The furniture stores in Qatar will certainly profit from the upcoming and much spoken about FIFA World Cup, being held in this Middle East country in 2022. With numerous hotel already in the process of building, and many more planned, the furniture industry will have to cover a very big market. Not only the hotels, but the restaurant, business centers, official stores will have to be equipped with quality and aesthetic furniture, as millions and millions of foreign tourists will crowd this country in 2022. The furniture stores must seize the once in the life time moment.