Bathroom Designs Qatar

Qatar has quite a few options when it comes to redesigning your bathroom, the first one we should look at is Houzz, a platform that was created mainly for remodeling and design, a place where homeowners and home professionals can be brought together in a uniquely visual community. Started by founders Adi and Alon, Houzz was built on a very basic concept, when the owners of Houzz wanted to remodel their own home they initiated the process just like any other couple would by browsing through hundreds of magazines and referrals from people. But after a while they felt that there had to be an easier way to get the job done, hence Houzz was created, a place for people to browse and save beautiful home photos along with the details of the constructions professionals. Whether you are looking at a complete remodel or just to get a vanity for your bathroom, Houzz is there to provide you with a complete list of homeowners and professionals who will have multiple options for you to set your home. This seems to be the latest and best platform for those who would like to be inspired and discover new products which would look great in their home. It is the perfect place to collaborate with the architect, designer or contractor.

A name known to every builder and household in Qatar when it comes to tiles or bathroom furniture and accessories is Capital. Capital Trading has been around for 3 decades now, while serving the nation with world class brands, well accepted reliability and unmatched service. The construction industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and in spite of the competition, Capital Trading still continues to be the number one choice among the other trusted service providers in modern Qatar. Whether you are looking for flooring tiles, wall tiles, bathroom ceramics or bathroom accessories they have a wide range of products to choose from. You can find almost anything from the nominally affordable brands to the exquisite globally renowned brands. Capital has been known for its respect for tradition, values it maintains and the business ethics.

United Supplies is your next choice of when it comes to building your home, be it a new construction or renovation. Established in 1959 this company started out in Kuwait but now has 8 locations in Qatar and UAE as well. They represent over 150 reputed suppliers defining high quality brands from all around the world. Their establishment has contributed to extensive constructions renaissance that has taken place within the Arabian Gulf states. You should also check out their Duravit Bathroom Planner software which allows one to create their own bathroom with the help of the software. United Supplies follows a simple 3 step policy where if you think it, they will design and create it for you!

Apart from the above options the people from Qatar could also rely on a rather common source that is known to the whole world as IKEA. This is a popular store for everyone and anyone to shop for their ideal furniture or accessories and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.