Vintage Bed

Your bedroom is where you retreat for relaxation, renewal and reenergizing. One way to increase the connection with your bedroom is by decorating it in vintage undertones. The warm and inviting nature of this decor style turns any bedroom into a cozy space. Giving your bedroom a retro feel has a lot to do with the type of furniture, furnishing, accents and accessories you use in the bedroom. Of the different items, vintage bedroom furniture will make the most tangible difference in the bedroom. There are lots of different items you can use either separately or together to create a unique look that strongly defines your style. Wide availability of vintage bedroom items in Egypt means you get to choose from a huge selection of rare furniture in exclusive designs.

A vintage bed will give your bedroom an instant look of grandeur and extravagance. These beds are large and ornate, often made in curvy, ornamental designs. They are available in all your favorite bed styles, including poster beds, platform beds and canopy beds. A vintage headboard is a great addition to a modern bedroom, where the bed and most of the larger furniture is contemporary. The headboard instantly becomes the catchy point in the room, making the vintage aspect of the room more visible. More vintage bedroom furniture that you can readily find and which will look stately in your home is a vintage dresser, vintage armoire, vintage wardrobe, vintage chest of drawers, vintage vanities, vintage bench and vintage storage boxes.