Shopping for Stylish Curtains in Egypt

When we are decorating indoor look in our home we should not forget the curtains. Curtains are also the essential part of home decoration just like the other furniture. They give the final touch to our job and add feelings to the room. Choosing the curtains is not an easy job. They have to be the perfect match with the walls and other furniture. But that is not an easy job. Should the curtains be the same color with the walls or the same color with the furniture? Or maybe they should be in contrast with them? This is just some of the questions we are asking ourselves before buying curtains.

Curtains are important because they keep away entering the sunlight to the room. During the summer they can keep the room cool. Also during the summer curtains can prevent damage of wooden furniture because of the sunrays. Curtains provide special atmosphere in the room. Another reason to fix curtains is privacy. Having the curtains on our windows we feel safe and we don’t feel disturbed with the outside happening.

Bayan Palace is one of the largest and most specialized firms in manufacturing and designing curtains in Egypt. This is a company with more than 20 years of customer service and more than 300 employees. Bayan Palace offer great variety of curtains, fabrics, upholstery materials. The company serves many reputable customers like hotels and resorts, embassies, government institutions, universities and theaters. Bayan Palace has comfortable and elegant showrooms in Cairo, Giza and Meaady.

The House of Fabrics is a shop specialized in Home Textile Fabrics in Cairo. They make curtains, roller blinds and upholstery with different materials like velvet, silk, linen curtains, cotton-fabrics and artificial leather. Another well-known store where you can find curtains is IKEA. With her large assortment this store can provide you with great and affordable curtains for your home.
Damask Furniture Company has four showrooms in prestigious malls in Cairo. Beside furniture they make also remarkable curtains. If you are looking for unique and outstanding curtains to decorate your home Damask is the right choice for you. Damask is a luxurious manufacturer of curtains and their products are highly expensive.

Another luxury company that provides deluxe curtains is Cairo Blinds. They offer to the customers stunning styles, fabrics, colors and designs. At Cairo Blinds they pride themselves on stylish designs and excellent quality at affordable prices.

Blind & Shutter is a market leader company in Egypt. They provide the customers with the curtains, blinds and rolling shutter. This company prides itself with high quality materials, best motorization solutions with five years warranty and highly qualified team.
If you are interested in something different like glass curtain you can find them at Glassco. Glassco is the leader in the Egyptian glass curtain market. Glass curtains are easy to use and maintain it on a daily basis.

The market in Egypt offers a big number of great factories and stores where you can find perfect curtains for your home.