Carpet Shopping in Egypt

Carpets are often times neglected as something that is not so important to the entire interior design industry. But the carpets can make the difference between an ordinary house, and a brilliantly designed home. The carpets have been present in the homes of people for centuries, and some of the most respected cultures and civilizations, like the Ottoman, or the Persian, proud themselves with their carpets. Even today, Persian carpets are extremely expensive and cherished, with the most expensive handmade Persian carpet sold for more than 4 million US dollars. Of course, not all carpets and flooring solutions are that expensive, and the right choice of the carpet, at affordable price, can change the entire ambience of the room, sometimes more than a new furniture piece.

Egyptian furniture market offers fantastic solutions in every section of the house, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, etc. The carpets which perfectly fit the entire design idea can be found in numerous furniture stores in Egypt. Some producers in Egypt are even completely specialized, and focus only in the carpets.

MAC Carpet is a carpet company in Egypt, established in 180. The company’s starting capital was 1 million US dollars, and the production capacity was at one million square meters annually. MAC Carpet Company is the world leader in the carpet industry in the world, in the sphere of custom tufted and digitally printed rugs and carpets. The company now functions as a sister company to the Oriental Group, the biggest industrial conglomerate in Egypt, working in many industries.

The largest manufacturer of carpets made by a machine is located in Egypt. The Oriental Weavers company is the company that the MAC Carpet works with, as it produces not only the carpets, but the raw materials used for carpets.

Haddad Carpets is more locally oriented carpet company, with carpets and kelims specially designed to meet the demands of a buyer in Egypt. The Haddad Carpets business offers the market carpets, rugs, kelims, tapestries, cushions, etc.

The El Kahhal Company is also a part of the carpet market in Egypt. Their slogan says that the carpets made by the company speak from the heart, and the quality of the produced carpets is the proof that the heart always chooses the best. Abdullah El Kahhal is a Syrian who came to Egypt in 1870, where he opened a carpet store in Cairo. The traditional Syrian carpet design and the quality of Egyptian raw materials created one of the most sought after carpets in the world.

International companies, which do not specialize in the carpet sales, but are a wholesome furniture manufacturers and sellers, like the famous IKEA, are also present in Egypt. The carpets bought in IKEA may not be the traditional Egyptian carpets, with colorful design, but not everybody is searching for the same thing. IKEA carpets are perfect for offices, or houses designed in a modern fashion.

Just try changing a carpet in one room, and you will soon see the significance that this piece has, in the entire interior design industry. Soon, a new carpet will be in every room you have.