Bathroom Cabinets Egypt

There is nothing more relaxing than a bubbly hot bath. What is more enjoyable than a hot shower after a long day at work? The entire cleansing ritual has a unique place in human culture, regardless of the civilization. There is something deeply sacred in the act of washing your body, enjoying the mystical smells of the bath salts and the beautiful sound of water. The bathroom has been a room where there is no room for nervous, regular problems and a room where a man can be alone with his head, enjoying a pleasant ambience, since the dawn of time. The entire culture is reflected in the bathroom design, ever since the times of the famous public baths in ancient Rome, the Turkish baths to spas and resorts we enjoy in the present day.

The design of a bathroom must create the most intimate atmosphere, where a man can completely forget about everything, and still be a reflection of hygiene and civilization. The modern bathroom design creates amazing bathrooms, which can turn out to be the most beautiful room in the entire house. The mirrors, ceramics and often time stone, give the feeling of a grand hall, with the modern technological solutions and gadgets giving the benefits of the technology of the XX century at the same time. A bathroom is a room where technology meets traditional design.

The bathing ritual and the significance of it were known even to the ancient Egypt residents, who had bath tubs, bathroom cabinets, wooden or clay foot tubs, etc. The remains of the public bathrooms were also excavated in Fayum in Egypt, with showers, stone basins, and a stove so they could heat up the water, and use warm and hot water. The pharos, off course, had the most luxurious bath tubs, bathroom cabinets, and other bathroom furniture. Today, bathroom cabinets, along with the other bathroom design solutions, can be found in the rich furniture market in Egypt. The country is a home to many great furniture companies, and almost every major furniture franchise has a showroom in Egypt.

IKEA, the most famous furniture company in the world is so popular, that the term IKEA is used for every fantigue store in some counties. IKEA has a store in Egypt too, located in Cairo, and bring amazing bathroom furniture design of tubs, showers, bathroom cabinets, toilets, and other elements of bathroom furniture to the demanding market in Egypt. The bathroom cabinet solutions are becoming increasingly popular with the Egyptians.

Dary Egypt is a building and decoration center providing fantastic bathroom furniture. Mirror cabinets made in Germany, big bathroom cabinets, wooden bathroom cabinets, are just some of the amazing bathroom furniture elements awaiting for you in Dary.

Duravit, the bathroom furniture company present in numerous countries in the world, covering all the continents. Astonishing bathroom cabinets can be found in the Egyptian store, at affordable prices.

No matter if you looking for a bath tub, a shower, or a bathroom cabinet, these stores in Egypt will provide you with amazing selection and competitive prices.