Antique Furniture in Egypt

Egypt is one of the oldest and the greatest civilizations in the history of human kind. The pyramids and all the other architectural wonders made by the ancient Egyptian civilization is still admired by the present day architects. There isn’t a sector of human activity and inters where Egypt hasn’t contributed massively. From the trivial things like make up and breath mints, to the astonishing inventions of the plow, the written language, the calendar, the papyrus, the door lock and various cosmetic tools and substances, Egypt is a home to our entire modern civilization.

The homes of the pharaohs were places of dreams for today’s interior designers, as style and luxury were enchanting. The furniture in Egypt was comfortable, masterfully designed and ornamented, and extremely durable. The luxurious antique furniture of ancient Egypt, like the cushioned armchairs, bed frames, dining tables, chests, cupboards, drawers, and other valuable antique furniture pieces are preserved today, and displayed in many museums and private collections.

All the antique furniture design has been preserved in the furniture industry in Egypt, and the antique style which was once exclusively available to the pharaohs and the wealthy aristocrats can today be seen in furniture pieces in the houses in Egypt. But the antique furniture market in Egypt is not exclusively reserved for the antique furniture pieces of the ancient or later Egypt, but also provides wide range of antique furniture selection from different cultures and ages to the Egyptian furniture market.

Azhary Antiques is probably the most famous antique furniture store in Egypt. This amazing store can provide the customer with countless pieces of antique furniture from every significant epoch in the human history. The armchairs, bookcases, vitrines, chairs, sofas, chandeliers, commodes, desks, mirrors, porcelain dishes and ornaments can all be bought in Azhary Antiques store. You can choose the antique furniture from different styles, such as the Louis XIV style, Louis XV style, Louis XVI style, neoclassical style, Biedermeier style, English style, Ormolu style and Marquetry and Veneers style. Whatever you choose, the quality of the antique furniture bought in Azhary Antiques is guaranteed by long history, and thousands of happy customers.

Mobilusso is a furniture company in Egypt that manufactures French antique furniture and provides the market in Egypt with great quality antique furniture at affordable prices. If you always thought that antique furniture must be extremely expensive, the Mobilusso store prices will pleasantly surprise you.

El Khodary Reproduction furniture is a family owned store in Alexandria which specializes in antique furniture. The factory, located in Cairo, produces all kinds of amazing antique furniture pieces, and a lot of French antique furniture of the 17th and 18th century is being exported. The El Khoday company has been active on the antique furniture market for more than 50 years.

If you are living in the cradle of civilization, the entire atmosphere in the air is antique. Being in the place where ancient pharaohs ruled and developed civilization calls for old and antique furniture in your house in Egypt.