Modern Furniture Dubai

Contemporary lifestyle puts emphasis on personal style and a modern approach, whether it’s in the choice of colors, fabrics, materials or design. This applies to every aspect of home living, from the appliances we use to our clothing and even furniture. Home furniture says a lot about you. The opportunity to buy new furniture is your chance to show the creative, artistic, soft, wild, unpredictable, or unreadable side of you. Really, with furniture, you can put up any front and let your guests try to decipher who you really are. Modern furniture in particular allows you to show how up to date you are with the latest trends and designs in the world of furniture, and turns your home into an ultra modern living space that is beautiful, warm and inviting.

Dubai furniture stores make every effort to provide modern furniture solutions in tandem with modern lifestyle demands. The furniture comes in a wide variety of designs and color options. The most notable characteristics of modern furniture are clean lines and a minimalist approach. This applies to both home furniture and office furniture. Unlike traditional furniture which comes in flamboyant and ornate designs, modern furniture is subtle and yet elegant. It’s also marked by smooth finishes that add a sleek look to its elegant appearance. When it comes to color, there is plenty of choice for both warm and cool colors. Many designs embrace neutral colors for basic furniture such as sofas and couches, which can then be spruced up with upholstery and pillows of different colors.

Common materials used to make the modern furniture now on sale in Dubai includes solid wood (hardwoods like oak and teak), wrought iron, cast iron, aluminum, natural and synthetic leather, glass, poly urethane, fabric,acrylic, treated rubber wood, high density fiber (HDF), medium density fiber (MDF),  and stainless steel. Rattan, both synthetic and natural, cane, poly ethylene, synthetic fiber, and plastic are also very popular in modern outdoor furniture. Not all Dubai furniture stores will have furniture in these materials, so always ask the attendants at your favorite store whether a specific material you want is available.

US imports Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Swedish giant IKEA are among the largest retailers of modern furniture in Dubai. Other notable competitors offering a choice of modern furniture designs are ID Design, The One, Home Center, Homes R Us, Objects of Design, Falkanaz The Warehouse, Moda Casa, BoConcept, Ambiance Furniture, Finasi, Everest Furniture Factory, Obegi, Decoart Dubai, United Furniture, and Sandalyeci. From these outlets, you can buy modern sofas, couches, sectionals, beds, dining units, kitchen cabinets and dressers, modular kitchens and office installations, bathroom furniture, and outdoor furniture like benches, lounge seats, sun loungers, and gazebos.

Get a contemporary look for your home or office with the choice modern furniture sold in Dubai. Available in all the leading furniture stores in the city, this premium quality furniture is all you need to transform your living and work space into a hub of contemporary style and purpose.