Buying Carpets in Dubai

Thousand and one night, a legendary collection of Arabic folk stories is a place where the term “magic carpet” has been used for the first time. Since then, the term magic carpet, or magic rug, that flies and takes people to distant places, has been mentioned in many bedtime stories, used as inspiration for movies, TV shows, cartoons, etc.

But todays carpets are perhaps not magical in the sense that they can fly, but the carpet design and the quality of the produced carpets are not far from being magical. If you find that hard to believe, maybe the fact that a carpet has recently been sold to a passionate carpet collection enthusiast for almost 5 million dollars American, can make you a believer in magic of the carpets. The craftsmanship and the time needed to produce a carpet is beyond belief, as some carpets are made for years without any pauses. If you are a carpet lover, you don’t need a small fortune to get your hands on one of those beauties, as the carpet industry found a way to offer great quality carpets, in various shapes, colors and size, at more affordable prices.

Dubai has an estimated 26.000 milliners living in the area, allowing for the expansion of even such demanding industry, as the carpet industry surely is. Numerous carpet stores all over Dubai offer the wealthy customer amazing carpets, made just for the Dubai market. But there are also stores which concentrate on the average customer, looking for a flooring solution that will not be more expensive than the apartment or the house itself!

Carpet Center in Dubai is one of those all in one companies, offering the customers not only the wide variety of carpets, but also a carpet cleaning service, interior design consultations, and a customer is even entitled to a free home trial! You can also order a custom made carpet, which will perfectly fit your home design ideas.

Iran is the home of the most expensive Persian carpets in the world, and naturally, it has a store in Dubai.

Mehreen Carpets is a local carpet company, offering more traditional Arabian carpet design, but also has some modern handmade carpets in its rich offer.

World renowned flooring company, Standard carpets is present in more then 60 different countries around the globe, and in even has a manufacturing plant opened in Dubai in January 2015. This company can provide various carpets at very affordable prices, along with other flooring solutions.

The handmade carpets international company, “The Rug Company” recently expanded their offer to Dubai, making the harsh competition on the carpet market, even more cruel and unforgiving. This company operates on all continents, and is one of the most successful companies in the international carpet business.

Numerous other carpet stores and manufacturers are present in Dubai, making buying a carpet in this city a pleasing endeavor. The only problem you will have, is how to choose just one carpet, with all those amazing carpets available in Dubai stores.