Living Room Furniture in Abu Dhabi

Living room furniture is an essential part of any home. When guests visit a house, they are invited to the living room. It is therefore important that the furniture reflects who the host is. The host’s taste and fashion sense come out clearly through his choice of furniture and fittings.

Abu Dhabi is a melting point of different cultures. People from all around the world have made Abu Dhabi their home. When many people from around the world come to a region, we start to see changes in the traditions and tastes of the natives. Interaction with outsiders brings new ideas and new approaches to fashion. This is evident in the furniture available from major worldwide retailers that have setup shop in Abu Dhabi.

There are stores that cater for everyone’s taste and income level. Arabs are known for very luxurious tastes and all these furniture stores will satisfy even a King’s needs. The most popular furniture store in the UAE is BoConcept. Originally from Denmark, the store has over 100 retail stores worldwide. They offer contemporary living room furniture in Abu Dhabi. Some of their brands include Milos, Bergen, Istra, Carmo, Arco, Monte and Nago.

For people who are looking for trendy, stylish and comfortable furniture, the Swedish mega brand IKEA has something for them. IKEA’s furniture appeals to the urban and youthful market. Most find their furniture convenient especially if you move a lot, because they are self-assembled in nature. IKEA provides complete sets of living room furniture and accessories. They have everything from sofas, entertainment units, tables, desks, carpets, lamps, wall units, lighting fixtures and so on.
Abu Dhabi also has several furniture outlet stores that cater to clients who would prefer custom made furniture. Some people prefer to be absolutely unique and they would wish all their furniture to express their uniqueness. Many of the local stores have furniture industries both in Abu Dhabi and in China. This means that they can handle even bulk furniture on time and at an affordable price.

For people looking for quality second hand furniture, Abu Dhabi is full of store that stock used home furniture. The most common are Al Aown and Nefertiti. These stores provide quality used furniture that is in good shape. This enables new home owners or younger people to get furniture at a fraction of the cost it would cost at the original store.

Abu Dhabi’s living room furniture marketplace has something for everyone. It does not matter what your taste, or budget is, you will find good furniture to liven up your home. Tourists prefer to Shop in Abu Dhabi because you can find all types of furniture stores in every mall. This means you do not have to go round the city looking for your furniture as you would in other destinations.