Furniture Stores Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has a huge number of expatriates living within its border. This means that the Arab nation has received a lot of foreign influence especially when it comes to fashion trends and furniture styles. A lot of the influence seems to come from the west, where a lot of the expatriates come from. This influence has seen a lot of western style furniture stores come up with offerings that satisfy the changing styles of the once very conservative Arab nation.

IKEA is global home furniture brand which also has a branch in Abu Dhabi. This store has very unique affordable furniture. The store has roots in Sweden where it was started in the 1960’s with a vision to create simple, portable and affordable furniture which would be loved by people from all classes. The IKEA way is very simple; you carry your furniture in boxes, you then assemble it at home using the easy to follow instructions. IKEA’s flagship store in Abu Dhabi is located on Yas Island.

BoConcept is another popular furniture store that has its roots in Denmark. The store prides itself on it amazing designs which are a major selling point for the brand. Their vision is to be the number one urban interior design company in the world. BoConcept’s design appeals to the youthful urban market. The furniture in the stores features futuristic, modern and minimalistic design concepts. The company’s flagship store if located at the Abu Dhabi Mall.

Western Furniture is an Abu Dhabi homegrown company. It specializes in the medium to high end furniture market. It caters to a very exclusive class of clients. They carry furniture from high end European stores which they make available locally to satisfy their clients tastes. It goes without saying that you need to be in a very high income bracket to be able to shop here. You can buy their furniture from their Natuzzi store located at the Abu Dhabi store.

For the luxury furniture and interior design market, Deco-Line is a major player in this field. Founded in 2007, they pride themselves in providing the best in luxury furnishings for office, home and hotel use. They own a furniture factory in China and in Musaffah in Abu Dhabi, which is where they get some the products they sell. They also stock various luxury brands according to the customers’ demands. Deco-Line has stores allover Abu Dhabi and one can request for their catalogue on their website.

Abu Dhabi is one of the greatest shopping destinations in the world. People from all over the world flock their malls every year to get some awesome shopping done. This is part of the reason why most major furniture makers in the world have a presence in Abu Dhabi. Arabs are also known for top of the line luxury. So for people who want to indulge in luxury there is no better place to shop for all the things they need under one roof. The duty free regime for tourists is also very attractive to people who want to shop at a discount.